Rev. Edward W. Clayborn
I Have a Home In The Sky
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Death Is Not The End | DEATH004
Year: 2015
Death Is Not The End return for 2015 after releasing two cassette reissues of penitentiary field recordings and a collection of late 1940s/early 1950s gospel by Sister O. M. Terrell in 2014.
I Have a Home in the Sky compiles 12 sides from the 40 that Rev. Edward W. Clayborn recorded for Vocalion in the mid to late 1920s. Very little is known about Clayborn, besides that he is likely to have hailed from the Alabama area. Playing an open tuned guitar with a simple alternating bass line, Clayborn's music has been referred to by some as overtly basic, however amidst the simple beauty lies a depth of passion and conviction. Issued on a lovingly designed cassette, and limited to 100 copies.

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