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Morphine Records ‎| doser006
Madteo's superb debut album released back in 2008 on the then fledgling Morphine Records.... Now a highly in demand item for the techno/electronics heads, and prized by those who got it the first time around. TIP!
This edition of doser tells a life story with many solid influences: Lee Perry, Italo disco and the black jazz classics. Setting a new standard for the deep house scene, ‘Memoria’ reveals the eclectic and inspired musical path of Madteo, alongside his ‘mental’ and extremely personal (check tracks like: ‘Maconha low Disco’, ‘Abstrack’ and ‘Head Quarters’) He also continues his crucial collaboration with Sensational delivering the infamous ‘Freak Inspector’, a cruelly mounted freeformed and futuristic Militia Anthem (soon to be remixed by on a separate Morphine 12” by two very exciting producers…).

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